ZapBG will turn your online business around


Have you ever had to create compelling and enticing creative content for your business? Be it stunning ads, product showcasing or a nice infographic that serves to educate your users? If you have, chances are you have had to face the annoying task of removing backgrounds from images.


How much time have you spent doing this same repetitive task over and over again?


While tools such as Photoshop and Gimp are extremely useful for creating images, they lack the ease of use and speed necessary to remove backgrounds in a fast and reliable fashion.


This is why ZapBG has been created.


ZapBG is a simple online image editor that takes care of removing background in seconds, instead of minutes, saving you tons of time and money in the process.

1. The importance of speed in today’s marketing


If you’re running an eCommerce business or if you’re a graphic designer or digital marketing agency owner, you’re working with photos all the time.


To create stunning creatives you need to experiment with lots of ideas until you find one that your audience will love.


According to data, in 2020 an average person is exposed between 6,000 and 10,000 ads per day.



You can’t just make one creative and cross your fingers with the hope that your customers will love it.

You need to test and test…


If you’re using Photoshop or Gimp to remove background from images that you will be using, even if you’re a pro, it will still take you 10-15 minutes.



With ZapBG that can be done in seconds.

That’s right, seconds.

Here is how to do it:

1. Simply upload your image
2. Remove the background with one click!


3. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome mark with green the areas of the foreground you want to keep, and with red the background you want to be remove.


4. Add another background – simply upload the one you like or choose one from an expansive Library



6. Integrate it directly with other image editing softwares that you use – such as Photoshop, Glorify App, Figma, etc.


But, don’t take my word for it, take a look at this short video that explains it all.



Still not convinced?

If you’re never used an online image editing software to shorten your workflow you may still be on the fence.

That’s understandable.

But, what are the alternatives?

You can choose the old route of manually editing each and every image that you want to use in your marketing efforts, but how much time and wasted opportunities would it cost you?

For example, if you’re editing 100 images per month in Photoshop and it takes you 15 minutes on average to complete it, you’re wasting 25 hours!

With ZapBG you can remove backgrounds in seconds and use those 25 hours to expand and work on your business, instead of working in your business.


On the other hand, you can choose to hire a professional to do the work for you.


Finding a reliable professional is a slow and expensive process. 

Before you find someone with whom you can work in sync, you will waste dozens of hours just going back and forth with potential designers.


And they will charge you a pretty penny for their efforts as well.

According to, the average cost of a graphic designer is between $85-$100 per hour.


I’ll let you do the math.



You may choose the cheaper designers, but listen to an old Scottish saying that goes:

“I’m not rich enough to pay for cheap things!”


While you may save some money upfront, more often than not the work they do will be subpar and will cost you in terms of wasted profits and opportunities.




And ironically, they will probably use ZapBG or some other background removal software to complete the job and charge you for it! So, cut out the middleman and save yourself the headaches by choosing to use this simple, yet effective tool that takes no skill or effort to master.


2. ZapBG is cheaper than all other alternatives and equally good


We’ve made an expansive overview of all the possible online background removal softwares out there, and ZapBG rises to the top in terms of features and cost-effectiveness.


ZapBG is the brainchild of a UK-based team that wanted to create a tool that anyone can use to supercharge their marketing efforts.

It’s built primarily with online business owners in mind, with the idea to streamline the entire image editing workflow.


How does ZapBG do it?


The entire process is divided into three steps.


1. The image is analyzed to pick the  best processing scenario


2. Multiple AI-powered algorithms are used such as DeepLabV3 for image semantic segmentation to remove the background from an image


3. The third and final steps include several R-CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks with Region-based object detection) to merge several scenarios into the final output


While it all sounds very complicated and fancy, to put it in layman’s terms, ZapBG uses the most advanced algorithms to remove a background from an image with the highest precision.



It’s no secret that AI has improved drastically over the years and more and more tasks that have been performed by humans can now be easily replaced with programs that do the same job just as effectively.


Background removal is one of them.



So, why spend your valuable time when you can let the machine do the work for you?


While there are other softwares out there, all vying for your attention, the thing that sets ZapBG apart is its continuous development and its low cost.

3. You’re becoming a part of the community

ZapBG is aiming to become the uber of Background-removal apps. 

ZapBG is not here to compete.

It’s here to reshape the entire industry.

Join over 3000 subscribers who are waiting for the final launch and become an active part of the ever-growing community on Facebook.



While other software will give you the tools and let you go on your merry way, ZapBG is creating an entire community that aims to help each other become more successful entrepreneurs.


If you need advice on how to create compelling images or how to showcase products you may be selling on platforms such as Amazon or Etsy, there is no better source of information than the ZapBG community.


4.  The ZapBG team is continually improving the software – there are tons of new features planned


While the core feature is background removal, the ZapBG development team is continuously improving the software and adding new features

Some of them are:

– Bulk processing (removing backgrounds from hundreds of photos in one click)

– Video/GIF removal

– Integration with other apps such as Glorify App, Photoshop, Figma and others

– A self scalable model that leads to future groundbreaking features





This may all sound nice and dandy, but you may ask yourself:

“Why should I care?”


It may be self-evident but it doesn’t hurt to state the obvious.


ZapBG is made to help you succeed.


That is why it’s built as a one-click software that will help you remove background from an image in 5 seconds while also adding additional features that will help you to equally easily create the final product in minutes.


It’s not here to take your money but to help you make it.


While there are other tools that you can use to create simple ads such as Canva or Crello, they are not catered to marketers, designers, and freelancers, but to everyone.


And when you’re making a product for everyone you’re making a product for no one.


ZapBG wants to create a hub and kindle a fire around which everyone who wants to make money online, be it through selling products or services, can join and learn from other professionals in their field.


Its purpose is to be a single stop that will include everything you may need to turn your business around.


5.  You can use it to supercharge your social media marketing efforts 

Social media marketing is equal parts quantity and quality.

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating valuable content if it gets drowned in the sea of mediocrity, thus not even allowing yours to become noticed.


If you’re active online you need a tool that will help you reliably create high-quality content that will attract your audience’s attention in a fraction of the time it took you before.


If you’re an eCommerce owner, you should take into account how you can turn your Pinterest profile into a passive money-making machine. [internal link]


In the year 2019, Pinterest has grown to 335 million active users and is now the third social network by size, behind Facebook and Instagram.




 According to a study done by Nosto marketers who use Pinterest will see average order value of a whopping 154$ for paid and 68$ for unpaid advertising which leaves all other platforms in the dust.




But, here’s the thing.


To get noticed and gain traction you need to create lots and lots of posts.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest we’re talking about.

It still takes plenty of work and time to pump out dozens of photos each day to post on each platform.


ZapBG can save you hours each day.



When taken into consideration the amount of work you will be saving yourself, not to mention money, the pricing is incredibly affordable:




or you can choose a  pay-as-you-go plan




But, the great thing about this tool is…and listen carefully now….is an opportunity to save yourself some big bucks by buying their service NOW as an early adopter!!!


For only 19.99$ monthly, you can remove the background from 1000 images every month!


I mean that comes to like (I had to whip out my calculator for this) 2 cents per image!


That’s a bargain if I ever saw one.


For the regular price of only 25$, you can take care of 100 images each month which is more than enough if you’re running an online business. 


That is not counting the discount, though. If you apply now, you can use an incredible cheap yearly plan that will cut those prices many times over.


So, don’t delay and act now while you can!

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