ZapBG Announces New 2.0 Version for Background Removal

ZapBG Announces New 2.0 Version for Background Removal

Have you heard about the new ZapBG 2.0 release? Yup, we’re so excited to share our new version of ZapBG that takes background removals to the next level. Want to know more? Check out these innovative features that make removing backgrounds super easy to use without software.

Get to Know Our Background Removal Technology 


Say goodbye to Photoshop and hello to ZapBG when it comes to removing backgrounds with your images. No software needed. Our super easy way to use AI allows you to upload or drag images and remove backgrounds in seconds. Whether it’s a picture of a product that you’re looking to sell or you want to put your grandma in a funny party picture, ZapBG has got you covered. Let the creativity and fun flow with the ability to remove backgrounds on images with ease and no disruption.

New Mobile App Capabilities – Remove Backgrounds on the Go 

You told us that you wanted mobile app capabilities when it comes to your background removal needs and we listened. That’s right. ZapBG is now offering our mobile version to go along with your desktop version. And guess what? It’s free with your subscription. Yup, zero as in 0, nothing, nada. All you need to do with the background removal app is snap a picture from your smartphone and upload it to the ZapBG app which will remove the background in just seconds. Once that’s done, you can easily share it to your social media platforms and places connected to your phone without having to store it on your phone or a computer. 

New ZapBG 2.0 Features


Your ZapBG experience just got better. How? Glad you asked. ZapBG now features browser extension capabilities, edge feathering, image super resolution with lower resolution images, integrations with Google Drive and Facebook, folder management and new model output. We are constantly improving the ZapBG experience, so let us know if there is something that you need to make the way you remove backgrounds better. 

Access Our 14-Day Free Trial and Lifetime Deal

So, we know what you’re thinking. This all sounds great, but what’s the damage? Let’s make it simple. There are 3 options to choose from that can save you thousands of dollars without risk or commitment. Yup, we’re offering a 14 day free trial and a limited time Lifetime Deal that starts at just $49 per year. Oh, and you don’t want to miss out on our unlimited credits and storage offer that is just one flat fee. That’s right, no B.S. credit fees or storage charges hitting your pockets like those other background removal companies charge. So, what are you waiting for? This opportunity to try ZapBG won’t last for long. Try ZapBG for free and access the lifetime deal before this offer expires. You’ll get locked in pricing for life, as in forever, as in all the time, as in 188 years from now. Well, you get it, however the promotion won’t be around for long. So, act fast and remove your backgrounds with ease and let your creativity and imagination flow with ZapBG.

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ZapBG is currently undergoing maintenance and will be going through a pro-longed downtime to bring about major improvements. You will not be able to sign up for an account right now, but if you’d like to register interest, fill in the form below and we will contact you when we are up and running again.

If you are on a paid subscription or the owner of a Lifetime Deal account, please contact our support team on [email protected]. They will provide you will a suitable and efficient workaround until we’re back.