What can you expect from the ZapBG 2.0 background removal tool?

What can you expect from the ZapBG 2.0 background removal tool?

If you’ve been an active Zapper for some time, you probably would have noticed the hype on our social media pages. We recently launched ZapBG 2.0 and if you work around photos and images, we just made life that much easier for you. ZapBG allows you to remove and change the background of any photo you like in a matter of seconds. No more trudging through complicated procedures just to get rid of that blurry background. ZapBG is going viral for the ease and hassle-free experience it guarantees for all Zappers.

Snap and Zap With The New ZapBG Mobile Background Removal App

That’s not all, though. Ease and speed are just a tiny slice of the pie. ZapBG can now be downloaded onto your mobile phone and you know what that means! You get to snap, zap and share your photos on the go. Just think about it. You can instantly post amazing photos of your holiday without waiting to get home to edit them.

The New ZapBG Browser Extension Is Fast… Like Super Fast…

Website logins are a bore, we get it. With forgotten passwords and the frustration of slow logins, you’d rather not post that picture, right? The browser extension is another one of ZapBG’s latest features that frees you from the hassle of locating the website. Background removal is now just a click away.

Discover ZapBG’s Improved AI That Makes Background Removals Easy 

Another great bit of news is that ZapBG isn’t just for the tech savvy. The simple layout and design of this app makes navigation super easy and the incorporation of AI requires users to make minimal adjustments and commands. Simply drop an image into ZapBG and AI will do the job for you – all it takes is a few clicks. It doesn’t matter if you have absolutely zero experience in design. It doesn’t matter if technology isn’t up your alley. ZapBG is the one design tool that caters to all. Besides, our on-boarding tour will immediately put you at ease and dispel any doubts or apprehensions that may be nagging you. 

ZapBG 2.0 is the ultimate tool to spice up photos, whether it’s your holiday pics or product images for your brand. Quick and easy background removal, along with amazing features such as the browser extension and mobile application, makes this tool a must-have. Check it out for yourself by logging on to our website www.zapbg.com and grabbing the free trial offer right away!

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