Top 4 Features That Matter For Background Removal

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It takes more than the obvious to have the right background removal tool needed to take your creativity and vision to the next level. You want a background removal tool that will remove your background fast, easy and cost efficient. Here are 4 features that matter most when it comes to choosing the right background removal tool for your needs. 

Fast and Easy Background Removals

You need backgrounds removed fast and easy without loading times and carefully edging that constantly has to be undone which bogs down your day. With ZapBG you’ll be able to easily upload images and remove backgrounds in seconds. This takes out the time consuming design work needed to remove the backgrounds, since the AI does all the work for you and intelligently removes backgrounds. Once the background is removed it can then be simply applied to another image or color to make your product pop. 

Simple Image Management and Storage 

Look to avoid the image chaos and clutter with the ability to save and store images in one easy accessible place. ZapBG makes it super easy to store images in the cloud and create folders that lets you manage and organize images with ease and no storage issues. The last thing you need is to get that frustrating storage at capacity pop up when you save your images from your laptop, desktop or phone. With ZapBG you can access and store images all in one place without clutter and slowing down your device. 

Affordable Pricing That Allows You To Be Profitable

Your background removal tool needs to be cost efficient. Remember that you are using this type of tool to avoid high design costs and manual labor that can take you away from other important tasks. Getting the Adobe Creative Suite or other background removal programs can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Or outsourcing background removal demands will nickel and dime you when it comes to getting the creative needs to make your products easy to sell. ZapBG makes it clear and simple with pricing that is fair and keeps you profitable and more productive without hard to understand plans and hidden fees. Check out our 3 simple plans that you can easily subscribe to with locked in pricing for life. 

Mobile Background Removal Access

Removing background on the go is extremely important for today’s busy entrepreneur. You need to snap a picture and remove the background without disruption or transferring it to your desktop or laptop. We understand those demands and that’s why we released our mobile ZapBG app that comes complimentary with your subscription and allows you to remove backgrounds in a convenient way with your smartphone. Snap, remove, place on another image of color and save / share in seconds. Yup, you’re welcome. 

Are you ready to take on these top 4 background removal features and more? ZapBG is currently offering our Lifetime Deal that locks in great pricing for life when it comes to removing backgrounds. Give ZapBG a try and maximize the way that you remove backgrounds and elevate your products and image needs.

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