How to remove your ex from the background of an image

How to remove your ex from the background of an image

Relationships are all roses and cozy moments until one of you drops the bomb: This isn’t working; we need to break up. But after the tears and the storm (and perhaps someone’s clothes in the driveway), you have a bigger issue to deal with. You’re faced with the near impossible task of completely erasing all traces of your ex from your life. So you get down to business.

Erase chats and contact info – Check 

Change FB relationship status – Check

Delete all photos – Che-

Hold up!

You look good in that photo, don’t you? And that killer tan really shows up in that one. We get it; with such amazing photos filling up your gallery, it’s definitely hard to click that ‘delete’ button. Well, here’s something to dispel those breakup blues. You don’t have to remove the photos from your gallery. You can simply remove your ex from the photos instead. Sounds too good to be true? Let us fill you in on the details!

ZapBG is the only background removal tool you need to save those photos and turn them into stunning solo images. Simply upload your photos to ZapBG and let us take care of the rest. Our latest AI will automatically detect and remove the background (along with you-know-who) within a few seconds.

But what happens when your ex isn’t in the background? What if he or she is very much the focus of the photo? In that case, all you have to do is expand the brush tool and manually select the area or person you want removed from the picture. Save those edited images and you’re left with an array of fantastic photos of yourself all ready to be reposted on social media.

So if you’ve just made the switch from ‘taken’ to ‘single’, grab a cup of coffee and your phone and get started on those photos. We guarantee that you’ll be able to preserve those fantastic moments with a flawless, regret-free gallery. Visit and get started.

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