How to Remove the Background with Cars on ZapBG

How to Remove the Background from Cars with ZapBG

Take the Front Seat in the Automobile Game

People think vehicles and they want to see luxury; they want elegance and sophistication. You definitely have the potential to deliver without disappointment, but do you have the right tools to do so?

If you’ve got ZapBG, then you’re all set to drive in those massive sales (pun intended). ZapBG is the only tool you need to wow your customers with professional, aesthetic images guaranteed to send your conversion rate sky high.   

What can ZapBG do for you?

Never underestimate the power of professionally crafted images. Visuals are crucial in the advertising process and getting them just right can make all the difference. With ZapBG, you can easily remove or change the background of your images in mere seconds. Sounds impossible? Well, not for ZapBG. This background removal tool uses the latest AI that instantly recognizes and removes the background around cars as soon as an image is uploaded. All that’s left to do is add the background of your choice, tweak the colors and save your masterpiece. And the best part? You don’t have to carry around your laptop to get the job done. Download ZapBG onto your mobile device and you’re all set to snap, zap and share your images at any time, from just about any location you can think of. So what exactly does ZapBG do? Simply put, it makes life easy for you.

How can car dealerships maximize sales with ZapBG?

While potential buyers do look into the finer details before purchasing a car, first impressions matter. If you’ve got a killer car just waiting to be shown off you need to have a background to match. The background of an image completes the overall vibe or voice of your visual. Getting it wrong can throw your entire image off-balance and you risk losing the opportunity to make a sale.

With ZapBG, you can maximize sales by making sure your advertising images pack quite a punch. Forget that time-consuming task of finding the perfect spot to photograph your car. Utilize that time instead to optimize your advertising campaign. You can snap those photos just about anywhere without fretting over unsightly props photo-bombing your image. Remove backgrounds that don’t complement your automobile and replace them with eye-catching backgrounds that complete that killer look and increase conversions like never before. 

Here’s what you’re up against

The automobile industry is vast and the competition is brutal. In 2020 alone, an estimated 63.8 million cars were sold worldwide. Despite the pandemic, this staggering number is expected to climb to 71 million by the end of 2021.

Don’t let these numbers sway you, though. You just need the right tools to tackle that competition head on, and ZapBG is definitely one of them.

Looking for more tips to boost your car sales?

Remove the Background on Cars

Here are 4 great tips to follow if you’re looking to polish your car sales strategy.

  1. Don’t ignore the details – That’s what this article is all about. People are picky and there are plenty of fish in the sea. So make sure you nail every aspect of your sales strategy. 
  2. Know your products – Give customers a reason to trust you and have faith in your recommendations.
  3. Get out there – Get featured in magazines, newspapers, social media, online auctions and any other place you can think of. No amount of publicity is too much. 
  4. Watch out for test drive disasters – Make sure potential buyers are insured to drive your car. Never be lax enough to leave room for car theft; always tag along for the test drive. 

Now that you’ve got a pretty good idea of how important the little details are, you’re all set to start  working on those images. So get ZapBG and revolutionize your automobile images now!

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