How to Increase Conversions with Images

increase conversions

Clicks. Clicks. Clicks. That’s all we want as marketers, designers and entrepreneurs. Everyone brags about the posts / images that are getting tons of likes, click throughs and traffic, but that’s not always the case. It takes a mentality, strategy and failure to understand how to increase conversions with images. In this informative article we will provide knowledge that is worth your time and will help you strive to improve conversions with images that can increase exposure, traffic and sales.  

Incorporate Storytelling with Your Images

They say that an image is worth a thousand words. So, you need to leverage and utilize that to your advantage to increase conversions. Don’t just post boring images that you have to write constant descriptive copy on that explains an image. Make sure that you take the time to utilize images that tell a story. Just think about how fast you breeze through your social media feed. What makes your thumb stop from all the noise on social media feeds? It’s the images that tell a story and captivate your attention and curiosity to pursue and interact with that leads to a conversion. Don’t just show your image! You need to position your product or intention in a setting that relates and in a way explains what is going on and takes that next step in showing that it can solve a problem or be a solution that is understood with an image along with a one-liner sentence. In other words, tell a DAMN story with a super cool image…. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Are your images falling flat and getting crickets every time that you post? Don’t worry you’re not alone. It actually is very common and can be very challenging to accomplish well converted images all the time. Think about this. If a baseball player goes 3 for 10 which is a batting average of .300, they are considered a hall of famer. That means they fail most of the time and are considered successful. So, what does that mean for images that are struggling and need an increase in conversions? It means that you have to play the long game and go through the failures to get to the wins. But, don’t get comfortable losing or winning. Stay uncomfortable and push creativity and innovation at all times. Look to improve the images the next time that you post them if they are not driving results and incorporate additional ways to use the images that are driving results. Having this mind set will allow you to be a hall of famer and get through any image slump that you have. 

Remove Backgrounds and Make Your Images Stand Out 

Boring backgrounds = Boring images. Now that we did the math for you let’s explain. When it comes to increasing conversions you’re trying to physcologically create an impulse that leads to an interaction. Your audience and potential audience doesn’t have plans to click on your efforts, so you are catching them off guard and technically changing their plans and putting them on an unintended journey. By creating a dynamic background that removes distraction on the main part of your image you will be setting yourself up for a higher conversion rate. Using ZapBG’s background removal tool allows you to remove the background on your images in seconds and replace it with another background or color that instantly POPS and demands attention. By removing the background with ZapBG, images will not have the unwanted clutter and will effectively focus on the main intentions that tell the story and position your image to stand out from the traffic of competing images that fail to do this. 

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