How To Easily Remove A Background From An Image


Are you tired of using Photoshop or paying a pricey designer to remove backgrounds with your images? ZapBG has your solution when it comes to a simple and easy to use removal tool that will have your backgrounds removed in seconds. 

Stop taking up your day with time consuming programs like Photoshop that have a frustrating learning curve which takes up way too much time. With ZapBG all you need to do is upload or drag your image into ZapBG and our AI will handle the rest in seconds. And you’ll even have the opportunity to place the image that you just removed into another background which saves even more time and effort. Plus you can easily store the images in ZapBG and get easy access to them no matter where you are. Oh, and removing backgrounds on images just got even more simple with the ZapBG mobile app that allows you to remove backgrounds on the go just by snapping a picture with your phone and placing it in the ZapBG app which gives you the same background removal capabilities that the desktop version would. And not to mention you can easily share on your platforms as soon as you apply the background removal which has the power to turn your image viral. 

Avoid using other clunky background removal solutions that offer a junky free version loaded with ads that take hours to use and is nowhere near the experience that ZapBG has to offer. Our auto tool is a go to feature that removes the background for you using AI technology that has been tried on millions of images and avoids you using heavy design work. In addition, ZapBG takes on the most challenging images with our AI technology that has a plus / minus tool that lets you select and deselect areas to give you finer control over your selection. Also, our brush let’s you manually select certain objects in your selection over other objects very easily allowing you to quickly remove backgrounds without leaning or time consuming undos from making design errors. 

So, what are you waiting for? You could have removed the background of like 5 images by now. Make the move and access our Lifetime Deal and see how you can start removing image backgrounds with the ease and speed that you need. Visit our website to experience ZapBG for yourself and let your creativity flow.

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