How to create profitable images that increase sales

How To Easily Remove A Background From An Image

Your product is not going to sell itself with the background of your sheets and bed in it. Just because your product has the right solution doesn’t mean that customers are going to purchase it from you. When you post product images, you need to create an experience and help tell a story with the impact that the right photo can have. By removing the background on your product images you’re able to enhance the value and create a clean and sophisticated look to make it stand out from the rest. With ZapBG you’re not only able to remove backgrounds, you also have the ability to add a new background or color under the product that makes the image look truly professional. By removing the clutter and background noise and making the focus solely on the product, customers will easily be converted and have a higher curiosity.

Increase your customers attention span


Did you know that a customer’s attention span is about 8 seconds? Also, consumers hate to read and make most decisions with their eyes when they are visually stimulated. If you’re able to capture their attention with an image you’re more likely to avoid your biggest competitor which is the back button. By making images visually pop with the ZapBG background removal tool, you can grab the attention you need to turn that 8 seconds into the time that’s needed to follow through with a purchase.

Show different versions of your product


Not all images relate to every customer. Sometimes the background relates and resonates better with their preference and lifestyle. For example if you’re selling a car it would be ideal to have it placed in different settings. One option could be a beach setting for beach goers and another could be in an outdoors / woods setting for those who are more adventurous. This way the image will speak more to them and will help put themselves in that setting which will psychologically make a connection and build trust to learn more and eventually purchase the product.

Keep your images simple


Avoid clutter and make your product stand out from the background instead of being just part of the background. When you’re able to remove the background on your image it’s easy to take your product away from the clutter and apply it to a simple and clean background that features your product and resonates with your audience. When your image has too much noise it loses its appeal and creates a stress on the eyes which lowers your chance of converting and getting the sale.

Learn how ZapBG can make your images profitable  with the ability to remove backgrounds fast and easy without a learning curve. Visit our website and let your creativity and imagination flow with ZapBG.

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