Creative Ways To Use A Background Removal Tool


Did you know that you can do so much more when it comes to removing backgrounds on your images? In this article we will explore some creative ways to remove backgrounds on images that you may have never thought of. So get ready to remove backgrounds like never before with these helpful tips. 

Create A Killer Product Image 

Make your product convert better when you use ZapBG to create that killer image which will stand out from the rest. Let’s face it. Selling products online is a tough challenge that is hard to gain mindshare and attention in order to gain a purchase. By removing boring bland backgrounds from your product images you’ll have the ability to enhance the mindshare and attention that’s needed to get the sales you want. By giving your image a background boost, it will engage potential customers and have them motivated to move forward with your product. Simply snap, remove, replace and share and let the money roll in. Cha Ching!

Creative Profile Images

Do you really want to stand out from the crowd as a business professional? Gone are the days of old fashioned profile images that have boring backgrounds that do not create curiosity. With ZapBG you can easily make your profile image POP with the ability to remove the background of your image and add a nice color or creative background to elevate the way that you present yourself. Having your image stand out is a creative way to become memorable and develop interest about your profile. Adding a nice color to the background allows you to brand yourself well and adds value to your presence that creates an interest from the crowd. Once you use ZapBG to change your profile, the results will show and you’ll receive more profile visits and engagement on social media platforms such as LinkedInFacebookTwitter and Instagram. In addition, it’s great to use for a resume or business card that needs a profile image that can separate your image from the pack. 

Remove Backgrounds On Logos

Oh no! You have a logo in JPEG format and don’t have the file at has no background in a PNG format. What are you going to do? We have your solution. With ZapBG you’ll easily be able to remove the background from your logo in JPEG form. This makes it easy to utilize your logo when it needs to cleanly be displayed in your designs and social media posts. It also can be used for logo shirts that need a logo without a background that can be a challenge when the designer requests a logo to print your branded shirts. No Photoshop or outsourced design work needed. You’ll have the background removed on your logo in just seconds. 

Visit our website at to discover how you can solve all your creative needs when it comes to removing the background on images, logos and more. Learn about our lifetime and FREE trial that is the perfect way to maximize the way that you remove backgrounds

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