3 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd With Your Sales And Marketing Efforts

Find out how you can stand out from the crowd with your marketing and sales efforts with these 3 helpful tips that will generate revenue.

Are you sick and tired of getting nowhere with your sales and marketing efforts? Now you can easily convert sales and get more interest with these 3 helpful ways to change the game and go from busy to productive. Check out our latest article that will give the pointers that you need to get the results that you want. 

Develop an elevator pitch that makes you stand out 

Ok, so we know that you sell products. That’s easy to communicate. Now how do we position that message to potential customers, so that they have an interest and a curiosity that sticks with them? It can easily be done by having an elevator pitch. You need to have 2-4 sentences that describe what you do, how you help people and who you are. Oh, and be honest. That’s what makes you stand out. So, what do you say? Hmmm! Here is an example if you ‘re selling sneakers. “My name is Kevin, I’m a marketer for Urban Sneakers, father of two girls, proud husband, dog lover, chocolate addict, and Star Wars nerd. My goal is to understand your budget, style, tastes and apply that with a sneaker that fits your lifestyle. I have a passion for sneakers that mean more than just shoes. Contact me today. You’ll come to me for sneakers and you’ll leave with a style.” That’s it. It’s as simple as that. While everyone is selling your telling a story. You’re showing that you’re a person that has a family, interests, and works hard. People respect that and it will psychologically resonate with them and create a human connection that can lead to a sale. 

Network yourself in Facebook Groups 

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with potential customers. It’s a great place to hustle, market, and network without any budget. It just takes time and effort. Oh, and a little bit of patience. Look to join local Facebook groups in your community and start to post in those groups. But, don’t sell. Introduce yourself and even use your new elevator pitch with a nice image that stands out. You want to create a conversation and get people to engage with you and before you know it, you’ll be getting potential customers interested in you helping them find a product. This is a great way to get a presence and build awareness about you that gains trust and mindshare over time. You just never know who is in these Facebook groups and a well timed post can turn into an immediate opportunity. So, ditch the old fashioned advertising and hit the grounds running in Facebook groups that should keep your sales pipeline busy with potential customers. 

Make your images stand out 

We all make purchasing decisions with our eyes and when a product image stands out it will only peak interest that increases your chances of getting the sale. A great way to make your images stand out is by removing backgrounds with ZapBG that allows you to snap, remove, replace and share in seconds with ease. With ZapBG you’ll have the ability to make your images more profitable and engaging which will ramp up your revenue and get products sold at a higher rate. 

Visit our website at ZapBG.com to discover how you can easily remove backgrounds on images with a 14-day free trial on our affordable desktop and mobile background removal solution that is the perfect sales generator. 

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